Picture meeting with a prospective client on a sales call. After a few minutes of customary small talk the conversation becomes:

You: So Suzie, what inspired you book this call today?

Suzie: I’ve been really unhappy with how my life is unfolding. It’s not like I imagined it, but I feel unable to get back on track on my own.

You: What do you desire to create in your life?

Suzie: I don’t know…

What if you only have time to say one more thing to Suzie before the call ended? What could you leave her with that would still make an impact? I would be honest with her by saying:

A desire is something you hold in your heart that is unique to you. Spend time to identify what yours truly are before you can get back on track.

Desires form the foundation of a personal development journey because they guide how we make decisions and prioritize. It can sound like an easy concept on the surface. Surely I know what I want deep down, right?! But sometimes layers of expectations from society, ourselves, and others have us swimming in confusion because they convolute the communication channel between us and our authentic selves, where our desires are stored. Add old programming, painful memories, and limiting beliefs to the mix and things get even dicier. How do you unravel it all? If you’re ready to get to the bottom of your desires, do the following exercise.

Sit with your hand over your heart and eyes closed. Connect to your breath for a solid few minutes, then set the intention to open up the line of communication with your highest self. Write down or voice record your responses to these questions.

  1. If money wasn’t a concern, what would you be doing?
  2. What does your ideal day/month/year look like?
  3. What would you be giving to others?
  4. How would you be serving others?
  5. What would you be receiving from others?
  6. What makes your heart open up and puts a smile on your face?

Take your time on this. Relish the interaction with your higher self as if you are reconnecting with an old friend. Notice how you feel going through the questions. Is it a comforting experience or does it feel HARD? If it’s the latter, a coach can support you in discovering your answers to these questions AND getting you on a path to achieving your desires.


Comment below to let me know what you came up with through this exercise!