How was your 2016?

Last year, you set goals and objectives for everything you wanted to achieve during the year. You created vision boards and laid out your intentions for your business and your home life. Did you achieve them? Maybe you hit your personal targets; but the business results you’d hoped for hasn’t materialised. Perhaps you saw great business success, but neglected your personal goals. Where did you fall short in creating the lifestyle and business of your dreams?

If you can’t instantly and intuitively answer those questions, do not worry. It’s a sign that you need a different path to take charge of your life this year; and hit those 2017 goals. That’s where I can help. I’m not promising a golden ticket to achieving all your targets; or a generic step-by-step plan to the year. As a master coach, I believe in YOU. The answers lie deep in the seat of your soul; but with the right guidance and coaching, you can unleash them along with your deepest desires; watch your limiting beliefs fall away and connect to your intuitive pathway to achieve the life of your dreams. We all need a little direction sometimes; and the tips below will offer just that.

Here are Rebecca’s 5 tips for taking charge of your life and making 2017 your best year yet:
1. Commit to Yourself, For Real This Time—this year, make a commitment to yourself and don’t break it. You wouldn’t break a commitment to a friend or family member, and a commitment with yourself is just as important. When you commit to yourself, you’ll be in a state of mind to truly make positive changes in your life. Making a commitment gives you the momentum you need to propel yourself forward into greater and greater success.
2. Stay Connected to Your Goals and Your Dreams—check in on yourself every month and get realigned with your goals for the year. Checking in, receiving high level coaching and shifting where you need to will help you stay on task all year long. Remember, consistency is key. Small steps over time lead to big, satisfying changes you can be proud of.
3. Your Success is Inevitable, Believe It—having more joy, more success and more abundance in your life comes down to one thing: support. When you have the support you need to reach your goals, your success is inevitable. So ask yourself: What supports me in creating my ultimate life and achieving my goals? Build a support system in your life that will be there for you when you need it. Once you have a support structure in place, you will find the achievement of what once seemed impossible to come with more ease and momentum.
4. Every Moment Is A Choice—aim to create and maintain balance in your life, because this is one of the top overlooked areas of life for most people. Take a look at your life to figure out what you’re currently prioritizing and what you could be prioritizing that will lead to greater results. This includes taking an honest look at how you spend your time and your money. You always have a choice in how you spend your life, your time and your money. If you’re not happy with your choices up to this point, now is the time to make changes for the better.
5. You Have the Ability to Transform Your LifeMany people fail when it comes to making changes, because of a lack of follow through and not taking dedicated action. Mapping out a plan for success is only part of the necessary steps to achieve your ultimate success. Taking inspired action is the other part. When you combine these two efforts your success and goal achievement becomes a win-win situation that will empower you.