Proximity is Power (1)Hands up if you’ve ever been told “It’s not what you know; but who you know”? Most people will be familiar with the expression – but it’s just not true.

The absolute truth is that it is both what you know and who you know. Proximity is power. It’s the type of power that allows you to walk away from ANY situation that doesn’t serve your highest good, without batting a single eyelash. From toxic client relationships to disastrous marriages; it’s the power that allows you to confidently walk away from any relationship that’s not serving you.

We all need that power; and it comes from who you know AND what you learn from them. When you are surrounded and supported by a high-level group of women, it would be unnatural not to immediately uplevel in both mindset and money.

You don’t need to have all the tools you need to get there yet. The one thing you need is a plan, a guide, a circle of friends who really GET it. You need a mentor. When you’re given an idea and direction, you uplevel quickly.

If, at the heart of it all, you have a burning desire to inspire and empower those around you as grow and succeed, if that fuels you on, you WILL go further than the average person. If you’ve got support to meet those goals, your success is guaranteed.

My mentors have heart, depth, integrity and valuable knowledge. I continuously and consciously invest and learn from these top globally known mentors, who are playing big and succeeding – but not one of them is doing alone. You don’t have to either.

When women bring in great money, their world changes for the better. When women really master that money, their entire world changes for the better. That is what I call Feminine Fortune.