How to Go From Procrastination to Project Completion

Implementation is the Number One problem when it comes to Project Completion. You can go to a business conference, take notes, or listen to a lecture and have tons of notes and be very motivated with how you want to get things done, but when you get back to business your new ideas and notes are in a pile on your desk and you’re overwhelmed again.  Follow the 4 steps below to get more done!

Step 1: Leverage Your Resources

There are two amazing commodities that we have in the world: Time and Money. Money is a renewable resource.  You can always make more.  Time is the most valuable resources; you cannot recreate it.  If you are going to invest your time into anything, be present to the content that is being shared with you. No matter how you are investing your time, you want to be able to implement that information in your life to improve your life to get better results. I personally have a notebook titled “Notes from Mentors.”  When I go to a conference or have a meeting with my coach, I take all my notes down into this one notebook. I encourage you to keep all of your notes in one place and review them.

Step 2: Create Structure and Strategy

In the corporate setting, you are given deadlines and are expected to meet them. When women are in business for themselves, they don’t have that structure unless they have a partner, a group setting, a mastermind group getting that kind of accountability.  There is even procrastination in mastermind groups! Structure and strategy is key.

Step 3: Eliminate Procrastination

If you aren’t constantly meeting your goals, increasing your level of success and impact in the world, and continuing to improve yourself, then you aren’t on track for living the successful life intended for you. It’s not about beating yourself up; it’s about getting the right support structure in place before you fall into the procrastination pit.  It is crucial to catch yourself.  It is crucial to have the awareness to know that you are falling behind and need to reach out for support and pick yourself back up.

Step 4: Get Support

The most famous business owners and professional athletes know the secret to their success is support and mentorship. These athletes have a raw talent and are extremely dedicated to what they do but they also have invested in coaching and mentorship ongoing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have someone along beside you and to invest in yourself ongoing too.