Did you know that between the ages of birth and seven years old, you are constantly absorbing information? Many people adopt their parents beliefs during this time, including their money beliefs. Think about some of your rules; such as never using a credit card, or only using one for emergencies. It is very likely that your money rules come from your parents and family – but what do you do when they leave you with a fear of money? If your money mindset is wrong, you will not feel empowered to receive your feminine fortune. If you are feeling trapped and fearful of money, here is how to eliminate that fear.

1. Replace doubt with faith.

When I was going through a tough time, this became my mantra. Instead of worrying and doubting that you will be able to pay that bill, or buy that thing, replace it with feelings of gratitude for what you do have, and faith that things will work out. Have conviction that things will work out for you. Take a stand for money making being non-negotiable.

2. Recognize your money rules

As we discussed earlier, everyone has money rules. They can range from not using credit facilities, for example, to never paying bills late, or not spending money on things you could get at home. Not all rules are bad, but to lose your fear of money, you need to identify which ones are not in service to you being financially empowered. Identify those rules and make an effort to deviate from them.

3. Eliminate ‘Should’

Many people have a list of ideas of things that they ‘should’ do in their lives, whether that is with their money, their time or their whole lives. Did you grow up expecting to get married and have children, for example? Or do you expect dinner to be on the table at 7pm every night? These things are born of ‘shoulds’ – dinner should be ready for 7pm, you should be a wife and a mother. The same is true of money. You could believe that you should earn a certain amount, or should save a certain percent, or only spend money on some things. Whatever your ‘shoulds’ are, replace them with ‘coulds’. It will alleviate the pressure that you are putting on yourself, and make you much less likely to be worried about money.

4. Get rid of money clutter

Many people who are scared of money have a very cluttered financial environment. They run their business from their personal account, for example, or they don’t know who they owe money to when, so they get behind. That flustered feeling of having money clutter reinforces the fear. Take a good look at your finances and move things about to make it as clear as possible what position you are in today and every day. You’ll feel much less frightened and stressed once you know exactly where you stand.

5. Talk it over
Acknowledging your money fears and trying to eliminate them, along with the scarcity mindset that usually accompanies them, is a big task. Having a third-party such as a coach or mentor can really expedite the process and have an immense impact on personal growth. They can identify things that you may have normalized or not noticed, and draw attention to areas of weakness or pain that you are not aware of. Talking over challenges and making a plan to combat them leads to healing, and losing the fear of money and that scarcity mindset in favour of success once and for all.

Your money mindset is ingrained over a long period, and it can take a long time to fully eliminate fear and scarcity. However, if you remember to keep practicing these principles, you will awaken your powerful money beliefs and ensure that you are standing strong in your feminine fortune.

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“Money really is like a person. If you ignore money, it will stop coming to you. Treat it like a friend.” – Rebecca Matias