How much time this month have you spent on sales calls that did not close?

If your answer is “too much”; you are not alone. Many women struggle with sales calls, especially selling themselves or talking about money. You may feel like you are being pushy, or are uncomfortable being too salesy. It does not need to feel this way. With a simple change in perspective and preparation, you can feel much more at ease with sales calls – and close deals much faster.

The secret when it comes to sales is how you prepare. There are a few key areas that you need to have taken care of to be truly ready to close that call. If any are missing; the prospect could feel uncertain about your service or product – leading to an awkward call, and the potential for your value to be questioned. So how do you prepare?

1. Change your perception

There are two concepts to embrace to change your perception. The first is beginner’s luck – expect big things from every sales call. The second is to believe that the Universe will meet you halfway. I call this miracle mindedness. These two concepts combine to make you persistent and resilient, which is the perfect attitude for sales.

2. Reform your money beliefs

How do you truly feel about money? Unproductive money beliefs can hinder your sales even if you are doing everything else right. To discover your money beliefs, sit somewhere quiet and visualize yourself in a room with money. Think about it for five minutes; letting your head clear.

Now, was the money yours? Where was it in relation to you? If it was not yours, or it was locked away or out of reach, you could have unresolved money issues that you should work through ASAP. I am always here to support you with this.

3. Adjust your mindset

Consider how you feel about the sales process. Are you the pushy used car salesman, making promises you cannot keep, or will your product or service genuinely benefit the people you are trying to sell it too? Aim for the latter. See your prospect in their highest potential and remember that you are providing them with a service even during the sales call.

4. Know your value

What is your service worth? Think in terms of finance, but also benefits – how does it impact on the buyer’s life? Does it affect their health, business or relationships? Remember the ripple effect! Be clear in your mind about the benefits of your product.

5. Feel the fear…

There is truth in the old adage that you should feel the fear and do it anyway. Being a confident, successful woman involves you accepting fear and doing what you are afraid of anyway. Everything you desire is right outside of your comfort zone.

6. Remember your past

Before your call, visualize occasions in the past when you did something you were afraid of and the results were positive. Keep them in mind as you conduct the call.

7. Transform your preparation

How do you really feel about sales calls? If they make you feel slimy and pushy, you are likely to create calls that feel slimy and awkward. If you believe you are delivering value and being of service, the call turns out much nicer. Go into the call with the right beliefs about what you are offering. Be positive and upbeat, and know you are worthy of the time.

8. Learn from a mentor

Mastering sales calls involves many different concepts, from clearing out unproductive money beliefs to becoming confident and performing through fear. Your self-talk has a big part to play in how successful your sales calls will be. An experienced mentor can help you work through your fears and fully master confident, successful sales calls.