Another week has come to a close without a single sales call booked. No calls means no new clients, and that $10K sales goal you set on the 1st of the month is growing further out of reach. It’s all pretty disheartening considering you spent hours filling out worksheets galore and meeting with your own coach to nail down who your ideal client is. WHY isn’t more happening?! Maybe it’s time to scrap all this and start making that online course instead…

(hit the pause button)

It’s time to take the pressure off your business.

I know you may be thinking “Rebecca, you’re crazy! How can I do that? I needed a client 2 days ago when my daughter’s tuition bill was due…”

I get it. Responsibilities and obligations can make things feel complicated. Plus, you’ve already done so much work to figure out who you’re meant to serve and you feel amazing about it. Celebrate that! If only you could just get that bill taken care of you’d have time to think and choose your path forward….

One-on-one is the fastest way to take the money stress off your business.

You aren’t going to go from info product idea to a tub full of cash in an instant. Bringing passive income to life takes TIME. You’ll create the time you need to make this happen when you have cash coming in from 1-on-1 clients and you aren’t scrambling each month to pay bills, not to mention you’ll learn tons about your target market.

Create content for your ideal client, but realize she isn’t your only ticket to success.

Build your audience with hundreds of your ideal clients by creating content just for her. Close your eyes and step into her shoes for a moment.  Feel the pain she is feeling and speak to her. Create content from that place.

At the same time, don’t get stuck in ideal client tunnel vision, or it can quickly feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall in dozens of Facebook groups hoping it sticks. Leverage the relationships you already have. Do you already know someone who could use the kind of support you provide? Know anyone who could send a referral your way? Yes? Good. Give them a call.

Go DEEP on your sales calls.

Ace your calls by getting to the core of what your prospect desires. Don’t take the initial response at face value. Peel back a few layers by continuing the conversation with the next natural question. If you show your understanding of her desires AND convey how you can support her in achieving those desires, you’ll have a prospect that’s eager to pay you in no time.

Enlist support.
Mastering sales takes time, and that’s OK. Enlist a skillful coach for support when it comes to sales. The great thing about investing in this area of your business is that you’ll see a fast, tangible monetary return along with all the stellar internal benefits of working with a coach.

Are you on a quest to build momentum in your business? If so, schedule your 30 minute Strategy Session with me today to gain clarity on your sales process and business.