Communication is one of the most important areas of life. We are always communicating, whether it’s conversations in a business context, with romantic partners, with friends or just generally in life. Being able to communicate openly and effectively will set you up for success, and make you much more effective and productive in all areas of your life. Here are five simple steps to being in your feminine power when talking to others:

  1. Prepare for conversations

Take a few moments to prepare yourself and the other person for the conversation you are going to have. For example, make sure the conversation is in an appropriate setting – private conversations should be somewhere quiet and private; business conversations are best held in a business setting. Try to avoid any interruptions.

  1. Manage Your Emotions

If you have watched the Effective Communication training in the School of Feminine Fortuneyou will know exactly how your emotions play into your communication. Try to go into any conversation with your emotions fully under control, taking notes about what you need to do and say if it helps. Clear your mind before the meeting and go in with the mindset that the communication will be both successful and efficient.

  1. Invite The Other Person

Ensure that the conversation is at a good time for everyone involved. In a personal conversation you may just mention that you have something you would like to share or talk about, and invite them to have that conversation with you. In a business setting, you may be informing someone that you need to talk, and you may ask them to prepare something or give them some insight into what you would like to talk about. In both cases, you are allowing the other person to make sure they are free and willing to participate in the conversation, which sets it up for success.

  1. Set Your Boundaries

Next, prepare your boundaries for the conversation. Acknowledge which behaviors you will be available for, and which you will not. For example, emotions could be flying high may result in the need for the meeting needing to resume at a later date so that the person upset can collect themselves and the communication can continue more effectively at another time. Anger may be another emotion that you would prefer to disengage from.

  1. Visualize Success

Finally, before you go into the communication, visualize yourself having a successful conversation. Whether it is personal, professional or just a general conversation, picture the communication and how you would like it to go, and focus on what you would like the outcome to be. This puts you in the right frame of mind to go and achieve success.

Once you have practiced these steps, you will find that you can fly through them – you may never change your boundaries, for example, and visualization will become a normal part of the communication process. Every step will help to make your communications more effective, and help you to be more successful overall.