A prospect booked a sales call at 2pm today, If this is another woman who won’t commit to your program, you might lose your mind. You’ve been getting a lot of people like that lately. It feels like you have to jump through even more excruciating hoops on those “sales” calls. Talking about the price, the money, all feels even more difficult when the prospect questions the value.

If this is you when it comes sales then I hate to break it to you, but your inner game needs some work if you want to achieve sales conversation confidence. The inner game is all about mental preparation. It’s made up of four pillars that need to be in place in order for you to confidently close sales.

Having the right balance of what I like to call beginner’s luck mindedness and miracle mindedness is key. Miracle mindedness is taking action knowing the universe will meet you halfway. It’s the knowing that if someone says no, something better is on it’s way. Beginner’s luck is keeping that hint of naivety and big expectations. It Cultivating both contributes to persistence and resilience, and leads to more yeses.

Self  Talk
If you are struggling in your sales conversations, take a hard look at what you’re telling yourself about them. If you view the sales process as laborious and money talk as slimy, guess what you’ll get more of? Likewise, if you view the conversation as a chance to be of service, guess what happens? You’ll feel way better before, during, and after (AND see results). Check your self talk before your wreck your sales conversations.

Self Belief
What beliefs do you have about yourself in the context of your sales calls? Are you the used car salesman or is your intention to serve who you’re speaking with? You want the latter. See the person you’re speaking with in her highest potential. Get comfortable with the fact that you aren’t just taking money from people, you are providing them with service, even during the sames call. That’s powerful. Own it!

Money Rules
Close your eyes and picture you are in an empty room. Then imagine there is money in the room. Build that image in your head for 5 minutes, then open your eyes and continue reading below.

(go ahead… do it)

Alright, where was the money in relation to you when you did this exercise? Unpack that for a few minutes. Was it your money? Was it someone else’s? Was it close by or far away? Were you holding it? Doing this exercise can give you some hints on how you feel deep down about money. For example, if you imagined the money was not for you and was locked away in a box…. That may be hindering your sales. Clear through unproductive money beliefs ASAP.

As you get these four pillars of your inner house in order and you will see improvements in your sales conversations, and your view of the conversations will morph too. They will become rich, valuable exchanges regardless of the outcome. You’ll feel confidence and ease each step of the way, and will propel forward.
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