3 Keys to Clear Your Money Blocks

Have you made more money but still aren’t seeing your bank balance increase? Are you prepared for a “winter” season if you had no more clients signing up for your offerings? What would you do if you made no money for 3 months? Would it ruin you?  I have spent the last 3 months barely working. I went to Business Mastery with Tony Robbins and came home and was sick for over a month. Thank GOD I put money away, because I also came home to dealing with more legal issues with my children’s father. $10,000 + for the conference, thousands of dollars for attorney’s fees and not being able to put my all into my business while I was working on getting back to full health and it didn’t cause me to be out on the street. Could you endure this financial situation if you were facing this scenario?  Reality Check time!  In this week’s training video I share with you the 3 Keys to Clear your Money blocks so you can get on the path toward empowerment and authentic money!