Hiring a coach in an unregulated industry can be a very daunting task, however with this high level guide by your side you will be a pro at investing in just the right coach for you, someone who will help you with the exact challenges and desired accomplishments you are seeking help with.

Receiving coaching from the right coach for you is designed for getting you on the fast track to achieving your goals and living the life you truly desire. Whether you are looking for health coaching, business coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching or any other type of coaching, the targeted questions in this guide will successfully equip you with finding the exact right coach for you and what you are desiring mentorship on for where you are today.

Since 2010, I have received ongoing coaching for myself and have coached thousands of women. I spent a portion of my coaching years running an international coaching Academy, conducted thousands of sales conversations and have enrolled thousands of participants into programs of my own and others’. Needless to say, I really get what it takes to ask the exact right targeted questions to find and hire the right coaches and how to tell when it’s a fit versus procrastination and holding your self back from what will actually move you forward the fastest.

Start with these 3 questions…

Questions 1: 
What is your background and how does that contribute to your coaching style?

REBECCA’S EXAMPLE ANSWER: For me personally, I have a degree in Psychology and a background in sales and marketing, along with extensive customer service experience. I continue to spend time everyday devoted to studying the subconscious mind and what holds people back and why they behave the way they do. This is the perfect recipe for what I do with my clients, which is get them on the fast track to massive success and blazing past any blocks that are stopping them. My unique method of reprogramming the brain and eliminating false beliefs that detract from achieving success is one of the most rapid ways to break free and get to living your freedom lifestyle as fast as you’re ready to get there. Plus, I am highly intuitive and laser in on what you need or what’s holding you back faster than the speed of light. This way you are crystal clear about what’s going on and the direction in which you need to focus your time, energy and attention.

Question 2:
What is your approach to coaching?

REBECCA’S EXAMPLE ANSWER: I believe there is an inner game to success and an outer game to success. I can give you every million-dollar, cutting edge marketing strategy out there but if you are not working with a coach who looks at both your psychological programming AND your systems and business strategies that are yielding your current results. If you do not hire a coach that does BOTH then you will likely not change your current circumstances because you need to be aware and dissemble the exact psychological beliefs that you adopted that are preventing you from what you say you want so you really do achieve your dreams.

Question 3: 
How fast can I expect to get results?

REBECCA’S EXAMPLE ANSWER: I am responsible to my clients but not for them. I have the most on fire passion {hence the red hair} for getting my clients to their desired results as fast as they are ready to go! Your individual results depend directly on your willingness to follow the coaching, your psychological programming and your readiness or unwillingness to let what is no longer serving you go and on your commitment to investing in yourself consistently in every area: time, money, energy and faith.

Those are just THREE of the 20 Questions I asked myself before I hire my Coaches! Want the rest? Click here!