NOW is the time to claim your financial independence!

 Power Comes from Standing on Your Own Two Feet, OWNING Your Future and Discovering this ONE Concept that will Start You on YOUR Path to Financial Freedom.

Having Your Own Money contributes to your expansion, as a woman.

It allows you to make decisions that you might not otherwise be empowered to make.

It’s an unwavering commitment, that you make to yourself, to cultivate a healthy relationship with money.

Financial abundance comes from one Source, via many different channels, to you.

When you understand this concept…

True Freedom Awaits You

We often think it comes from a client or, our boss.

If you believe and give power to someone, other than Source, as the supply of your money…

…you are likely to retract and keep yourself small, for fear of losing that supply.

Instead, when you realize your abundance always tracks back from one infinite Source…

…you can let go of fear of lack and let it rightfully flow in from all its different channels to you.

Hello Amazing One!

My name is Rebecca Satori.

Today, you are about to take the exact same journey that I did when I claimed my own financial independence, developed a better relationship with money and…

…learned to take control of my own responsibilities.

In this 11 Part Course, we will unlock your own ability to overcome everything we’ve just discussed.

The entirety will be mapped out and dripped to you, in easy to manage chunks, over 11 weeks, so you can discover YOUR Own Money and how simple it can be to…

Become The Financially Empowered Woman you were
ALWAYS meant to be!

Each week you will access your materials through your member area of the
School of Feminine Fortune membership website.


Each week you will also have access to Rebecca and can ask any question LIVE. Yes, that’s right! Weekly group coaching with Rebecca for 12 weeks!
(Rebecca’s 90 Day Coaching program normally costs over $10,000)

Every lesson is supplemented with a short, easy to follow video tutorial

A detailed workbook to help you expand upon and track your progress…

…and a professionally recorded, guided meditation to help you deeply ingrain the lesson material, into your subconscious, for an integrated learning experience.

    We can only solve our money “problems” when we realize the deep seeded concerns
    we have, alter them to work for us and remove ourselves from
    self-doubt, feelings of lack and limiting beliefs.


    Your Own Money

    A 90 day empowerment program with qualified mentorship, implementation-based training, customized support, robust accountability, and a community of ambitious entrepreneurs.


    • An orientation call to kickoff the program
    • Weekly Group Coaching
    • Voxer support (Bonus to first 5 to sign up only)
    • Monthly 30 minute 1:1 Coaching calls (Bonus to first 5 to sign up only)
    • The ability to sign up for Luxury Seat Coaching on weekly calls
    • You get to submit questions for a weekly FB Live if you are unable to attend a live call


    Exclusive membership access to:

    • Training videos
    • Guided meditations
    • Downloadable workbooks


    • Private Sales Mastery Facebook group
    • Accountability & Implementation partners

    BONUS - Customization + Implementation

    • Record your sales conversation with group feedback
    • First 5 people to join the mastermind receive exclusive Voxer access
    • First 5 people to join the mastermind  receive exclusive premium 1:1 coaching

    First 5 Students to Sign Up receive exclusive Voxer Access and premium 1:1 coaching

    Your Own Money

    Weekly Trainings

    Connecting Intimately with Your Money

    You’ll discover from what foundation you are relating to your money

    Transforming your money story

    Where money comes from (the hidden reality that may not be so obvious to most!)

    Money relationships – don’t worry, this only bends your comfort zone A LOT!

    How YOUR Self-worth relates to net worth

    A Reality Check with Your Money

    Be honest and know where you are today with your money

    Be clear on your expenses and the purpose for them

    Identify your money leaks and begin to build on your empowerment with money

    Know exactly what do you do with the money that comes in

    The Mindset of Feminine Money Making

    Learn about your money rules that are silently keeping you from more and release them

    Transform your money beliefs so they are working to build your bank balance

    Identify and get out of your unique money drama

    Gaining Clarity on Your Desires

    Use the tool “Your Passion Meter” and identify where you are on the desire spectrum

    Learn about the stages of desire how they play out in your money manifestations

    Learn what motivates you financially and plays a part in your daily choices

    Identify your true heart’s desires and honor them fully

    Your Money Goals

    Understand the power of setting money goals and how by just doing that you will increase your income

    Learn the power of successful goal setting and how to motivate yourself to stick with it effortlessly

    Identify your unique money set point, why you keep yourself from making more money and how to get through your glass money ceiling

    Choose your specific money goals, identify your money milestones and map out your money milestone menu to begin working toward accomplishing

    Manifesting Money

    Learn about the manifesting basics and the importance of the six steps to think and grow rich and why you must be connected to them at all times to be continuously increasing your income

    Discover why you must get out of the “How’s”, be less attached to the outcome and stay in expectation for all that has been divinely planned for you

    Partake in writing your daily gratitude statements and connect with them emotionally to be in a state of deep appreciation which will accelerate manifestation

    Complete a Manifestation Checklist and inventory that will support you to be honest about where you are and how you are showing up for yourself and money and be more successful in manifesting money

    This section is CRITICAL to begin the habit of subconsciously implanting your intentions, appreciation and ability to create the desired manifestation of the money you deserve!

    Mapping Out Your Feminine Fortune

    Uncover what Feminine Fortune means to you and connect deeply to your heart’s desires

    Discover the countless number of reasons you may have that cause you to feel guilt and learn how to let it go so you can receive more and welcome it in

    Learn the three stages a woman experiences in her lifetime and be clear about your Feminine Fortune vision to leverage your resourcefulness

    Map out your money vows to yourself and discover the foundational work of your Feminine Fortune

    Investing in Yourself

    Eliminate your excuses as to why you are not investing in yourself

    Discover where you are being cheap with yourself

    Learn why investing in yourself is as an act of self-love and how to justify your investments
    Plan to invest in your future self both personally and professionally

    By now, you must be seeing how this course is truly different than most of the “secrets to financial freedom” garbage that’s being peddled out there on the Internet, right?

    Be in Your Feminine Power and Make More Money

    Become empowered to honor your femininity so you can make more money being guided by your intuition

    Know how to prioritize pleasure so you are in tune with the energy of money, which is directly related to how much you allow yourself to receive

    Recognize different definitions of power and how the ability to listen, be patient, flexible, cooperative, and vulnerable is powerful as well

    Discover the fastest way to tap into your feminine power and redefine, in every moment, what femininity is to you at this time and what your beliefs about power are

    Healthy Money Boundaries with Yourself and Others

    Understand how to create healthy boundaries with yourself and your money so you feel great about both

    Create and honor your boundaries with other people so you treat yourself with respect and treat your business like a professional business

    Identify where you need to have money clearing conversations and have a clear plan for conducting them successfully

    Know the difference between flexible and non-negotiable boundaries and how to honor them…

    …so everyone else does too

    The Financially Empowered Woman’s Guide to Building Momentum

    Learn how to keep momentum going and why that is imperative

    Eliminate stagnation and live in state of constant expansion

    Shift from operating in your life in a “means to an end” way and move into being at one with each present moment

    Understand that your self-care is contributing to how you function as a financially empowered woman.

    Right now, when you enroll and gain immediate access to your first track’s lesson…

    …against the advice of some of my colleagues, I’m not even going to charge you $3000 for this course.

    I’m sure I’ll get hit with some backlash over this and the industry is going to be a bubble with gossip, but I don’t care.

    What I DO care about is your ability to have a stellar education, experience and awakening about your own freedom…

    …the fact that it’s time for YOU to have YOUR own money mission.

    At this point, you certainly see how much time, thought and compassion went into creating a program like this.

    Can you imagine how many coaches are out there charging $10K or more for this training…and taking over 12 months to do it?

    Well, you won’t be taking that long and you DEFINITELY will not have to spend that much.

    What’s the point of discovering the power of Your Own Money…if you dump it all on one simple training?

    You’re gonna’ be pleasantly surprised when you discover that…

    Today, you won’t be investing $10,000 to unlock the door to better caring for your financial independence.

    That’s why, today you’re going to get access to this entire package for a one – time investment of only…$2497

    Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind.

    Look, the path you need to take doesn’t come easy when you don’t have a map or clear set of directions.

    I’ve been there and it sucked going it alone.

    So, if you’ll have a little faith in me, this program and your own ability to take control of your circumstances, then it’s a no brainer for me to let you have this course at such a minimal investment.

    Also, I guarantee that everything we’ve discussed on this page will be available within the member’s area of the website where I’ve locked up this little gem.

    You’ll get everything, released one track at a time, each week and have all the supplemental materials as well, to ensure you have the training, the tools and the support you DESERVE to reach your goals.

    You have my 100% Guarantee!

    So, since you’ve made it this far on this page; you must agree this is the opportunity of a lifetime and you’ll understand when I tell you that…

    …it may be your last.

    Quite honestly, it isn’t easy to let it go for so little.

    So, take it now before I gain a little sanity and increase the price.

    Very soon, this program will increase in price.

    Simply Click the Enrollment Button Below and Let’s Get Started

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