This week I’m sharing a training tip on the top things that you need to do in your business for wherever you’re at today. If you’re newly starting out and haven’t yet reached the point in your business where you’re hiring on other team members, this is going to be of major value to you, but only to the degree in which you choose to apply it in your own business.

The interesting thing about entrepreneurship is that you can be pulled into a million different directions in any given moment throughout the day. I’m the single mom of two boys and even though they’re at school for a portion of the day, there are all kinds of distractions that are constantly pulling on me.  For example, if you are starting out your day by emptying your email first thing in the morning, then you’re basically serving other people’s agendas before your own. There is a transitional period for entrepreneurs when you’re a solopreneur and don’t yet have a team, you’re maybe not headed toward company status yet or whatever that would look like for you, multiple six figures status. It’s really challenging because it requires a high level of discipline in order to create this boundary around you.

I remember when I first started my business back in 2010. I was a year into my business and I was doing free training calls to build my list. I’m still in the same office space as I was back then, but at that time I didn’t have doors on my office. It was always a dream of mine to finally have doors on my office so that if the doors were shut it meant that I would not be bothered. It’s really important to set up boundaries for yourself as to what that looks like. I heard a coach of mine say that “unless the house is on fire or unless someone needs an ambulance, I’m not to be disturbed.” So I adopted that principle. I had to because I didn’t have doors on my office at the time.

One day I was doing a training call where I was in the middle of an incredible training call and I had told both of my sons that they needed to stay in their rooms and be quite for an hour, find a quiet activity like a puzzle or something like that so that mommy could do this training call. My youngest son ended up sitting at the top of the steps and singing through the entire training call. It was hilarious, but I really felt stuck because I couldn’t leave the control panel where I was managing the phone call from. And he literally sang in the background the whole entire time. This story is really meant to preface the message that if you’re on this entrepreneurial journey, it’s not perfect. This was a great example.

I really love when people can be open and vulnerable. It’s not about presenting yourself as being perfect.  The entrepreneurial journey is a journey of learning about yourself, how you operate, how you function better, and how you’re most productive. Some people might use the Pomodoro technique. It’s an interesting way to get more done.

I want to encourage you that until you have a team, what happens for us as entrepreneurs or solopreneurs is that we don’t have structure. There’s no one that we have to finish something by for a particular deadline. It’s like, “Oh, I’ll push this training call off to another date because I didn’t get the email campaign written,” or “I’ll just not send a newsletter this week to my list.” That is going to piggyback upon what I shared with you last week in regards to being consistent. When you’re consistent in your business, people are going to learn to trust you more. They’re going to learn to rely upon you more. If you’re giving massive value without asking for something first, then you’re going to build credibility with them really quickly.

I want you to take a minute to think about three things that you can do in your business this week that will have you being more accountable even if you don’t have team members. If you do have team members, then set deadlines and adhere to them.  Be the boss and really show up from that energetic place where you’re letting your team members know this is what I expect of you. Conduct weekly team meetings even if it means you only have one person on your team. When I was at that place I still held a team meeting every week and we’d talk about what was working, what wasn’t working and what are we working on. You can set those structures up for yourself as well.

Until you really have deadlines and people who are waiting on you for video editing, or marketing funnels and Facebook ads, it can be very challenging to find structure and organization in your business. I’ve been there and I’ve struggled through it. I’ve felt frustrated and have taken online tests like Strength Finder and Kolbe to try and figure out “how does my brain work” and “how can I be more self-moved and self-disciplined.”

I encourage you to stick with it, because you do have a gift to bring to the world or you would not be watching this video. Until next time.