Top 5 biggest mistakes to avoid when planning for 2016

1. Planning beyond 90 days-This creates overwhelm and statistic are more in favor of you failing than succeeding.

2. Not leveraging your calendar-This easy tool is too often overlooked. There are easy steps you can take to maximize your time.

3. Your priorities are out of alignment-When you don’t have priorities in alignment with your mindset, you will slip, fall and fail.

4. You don’t have successful follow through-Most everyone doesn’t that is why being a part of a support group and receiving private coaching should be at the top of your “Must Do” list.

5. Your Mindset-You can only accomplish all that you desire by getting your mindset in check and having a coach that is honest with you and knows how to identify mindset blocks is the fastest way to make those necessary changes.

Get clear about your 90-Day Goals. A lot of times, goals will be set but not realistically broken down into a time frame. When you set your 90 Day Goals, set them in the following three areas: Money, Business, and Personal and get specific. Where must your start implementing? What support structures do you need to get in place to get on this path of success and achievement? You will begin to build your self-confidence and momentum once you find them when you begin to set and achieve your goals. Need support in this, click here to join my Business & Money Mastery group that will have you mastering this in no time!

Don’t just say you want to make more money. How much more money do you want to make? What is the breakdown of that per time frame per month? Whatever your goal is, give it a specific number for each individual month. What is the money for? You can set a bold money goal but money needs a purpose, don’t let it be abstract. Women are empowered by money in order for them to be independent. When we are financially independent, everything changes for us. There is nothing more disempowering for a woman than to be financially dependent on someone else. Get to the point that you don’t need to check in with anyone but yourself with money and everything will shift around you.

What services or products do you sell and how does that match up to your money goal? How many of each are need to be sold per month to hit that number? Create that information and have it readily available for you to check in with yourself. Make sure you leave other options open also. If you plan on making $5,000 in the first month by selling exactly that amount of services, don’t leave the other doors closed for opportunity to gain from other areas too. Set your intentions, but leave your mind open for unlimited possibility.

What do you want to achieve personally? What are projects around your house that need to be finished? Is there clutter that needs to be cleared off of countertops and out of corners? Are there boxes to drop to charity? Do you need to start your spring-cleaning and organization now? Clearing out clutter is another way to make room for money to come in. Everything is connected. Clearing out clutter and unused or unwanted things is worth it. Our environment is a reflection of what is going on in our own heads. When we have an open ended projected or unfinished task, even if it is on a to-do list, it is still taking up psychological real estate (space) in your mind. If you’re thinking about something you need to finish, you can’t think ahead clearly about something you want to do with your business. Set 90-day goals to de-clutter and finish projects in your personal life so you can focus stronger on your business.

Start your calendar. If it is not in the calendar then it is not real!

Look at the date today now and take your calendar three months ahead. What do you see happening in your life in general? What is the weather going to be like? What sports and activities will your kids be involved in?

What is your next step? Do you need to reach out to specific clients? Have you made a connection with your coach about your goals? Do you need to contact a fix-it person to come and complete some projects around your house? Do you need an organizer for hire? Do you need to reach out to an accountability partner?

Follow through on the small steps! Put each step in your calendar and follow your own agenda, not someone else’s. Stay in miracle-mindedness and more miracles will occur. Be in the mindset of success. Serve your own agenda to achieve your own goals. Be in respond mode, not reaction mode. Be on purpose, be on track.

Your Thoughts+Your Words+Your Actions=Your Reality, ALWAYS!