I’m Rebecca, a single mother to two amazing boys, speaker and intuitive business coach.

My own journey into entrepreneurship began as a result of spending far too long in an abusive and unfulfilling relationship, because I didn’t believe I could support myself financially.  Every time I felt like I was making progress in my business an unexpected catastrophe in the relationship would occur and I always felt trapped and tied down, all while something inside of me was screaming to emerge.

Finally, the universe stepped in with a “2×12 moment”, and I knew I had to leave.

I was terrified, but determined to create a better life for myself and my sons…

Today – just a few short years later – my life is completely transformed. I run a thriving abundant coaching business, travel the world, and support other women to live up to their highest potential – and become financially empowered in the process.

Watch this video today to find out how I get all the support I need in all areas of my life.