Prioritizing You

Do you prioritize yourself? What do you do that is a form of self-denial? How do you buy into the concept of lack when it comes to prioritizing your most important commodity, you?

Do you have a belief that you are not good enough? In every moment you contribute to the belief that you are worth everything or that you are worth nothing and your bank balance reflects it.

Are you doing the polar opposite of what you desire? There is lack and there is abundance, there’s scarcity and there’s wealth, and there’s “I’m enough” and there’s “I’m not enough”. There is judgment of yourself and there is loving of yourself. In each and every moment you choose what you will allocate your time, energy, and attention towards.

Historically, women have been taught not to prioritize themselves. In fact, not just 50 years ago a home economics book was teaching just how little a woman should prioritize herself in comparison to her “hard working” husband. In this modern day, you have the choice to prioritize you and when you do it will have a direct contribution or detraction from your success as a woman, and for your business at large. It will also determine the accelerated pace in which you create success in your business, attracting new clients, bringing in more financial abundance, etc.

Do a quick inventory in this moment: Where are you denying yourself? Where are you not saying, “Yes” to yourself? When you are not prioritizing yourself, or you are holding yourself back, you are settling for less and you are also holding back God. You are holding back life expressing itself through you.

Take a moment to get back on track with these simple steps:

  1. Commit to a daily self-love and acknowledgement practice. When you wake up in the morning go to the mirror and look deep into your being through your eyes and say {your first name} I love you, I really, really love you!
  2. Journal 5 things every day that you honor and appreciate about yourself. Take it inside and feel it, really feel it.
  3. Identify 3 new self-honoring boundaries that you will implement and stick to them.

Finally, if you are ready to increase your self-worth and your net-worth, hire a mentor and if your curious about working with me email me directly: