“If you are going to live a meaningful life, expect some people to not like you anymore.” Marianne Williamson

Being authentic runs through my veins. Sometimes I wonder where did it get ingrained so deeply within me. I am adopted and I am pretty sure it did not come from those roots and I am absolutely certain it did not come from the family who raised me and chose also to abandon me. I think I probably have several doctorates when it comes to living a meaningful life and knowing that some people won’t like me. In fact, as I grow into more success as the amazing and impactful Intuitive Business Coach that I am, I have found that the more successful I am the susceptible I am to people choosing to be haters (Behind my back of course).

I recently came across a picture on Instagram saying, “when you are little people encourage you to follow your dreams and when you get older people get offended if you even try.” Why is that? Can’t people celebrate and be inspired by your success?

Quite frankly, I believe that to really create the life you dream of in whatever definition of success that is for you, you have to be willing to piss people off, be what they didn’t expect, perhaps even threaten their illusion of their projected “great” life, but the Truth is, is that if they were genuinely happy, they’d be happy for you too. So go out there and live your great big authentic life! I was told growing up, “You’re too much Rebecca” and you know what, after much introspection and having a Breathwork Coach mirror to me years ago that, “The world needs you to be your great big huge self” I have gone out there as my great big huge self and knocked it out of the ballpark and I might be too much for some people and that’s ok. Their not my community, my tribe and I don’t really give a damn anymore.

I care more about being a better version of myself each and every day both personally and professionally, inspiring my two sons, and making a big FUCKING difference in the world.

After going through this myself and witnessing so many women dimming their own inner lights, I am coming out to model in a bigger way, that the more visible you are and the more successful you are the more you become a target for criticism, but also a light of inspiration for those that matter. Not only do others not Truly know what goes on behind closed doors, but do those people who judge you really matter to you?

I’m not going to lie, it hurts like hell when someone criticizes you, but at the end of the day you are giving your full self up for fear of judgment? REALLY? Is that how you want to live your life?

I’d rather be my full amazing self, be true to me, make a difference in the world and continue to remind myself, that I am NOT for everyone and that anyone who judges does NOT define me, they only define themselves as someone who needs to judge, thanks Dr. Wayne Dyer for that.