What if Selling Was the Most Exciting and Fulfilling Part of Your Business?


It WILL be when…


You Develop a Customized Sales System Which

Easily Brings in More Clients,

More Often with Less Effort While

Staying True to Your Values and

Increasing Profits in a

Few, Easy, Simple Steps

Sales Mastery is seeing through the lens of being of service to a potential client. 

Sales Mastery is Self Mastery and Relationship & Communication Mastery and understanding sales through the lens of Psychology.

Make it your mission to be of highest service to your clients in all interactions.

Sales mastery is confidently helping your ideal client through their potential fears and objections to see and know for certain their most excellent pathway forward…

…whether that is investing in your product or service or, not.

During the conversation, it’s important to see the experience and connection as rich, without being attached to the outcome. Your main focus is to be of service.

“It’s time to start seeing your prospects in the light of their highest potential.”

Welcome to this exclusive opportunity!


My name is Rebecca Satori and I am the Sales Conversion Queen.


This isn’t to brag, I learned the proper steps…
…took the right actions.

…put a system in place and understand that mastering the selling process is about emotion, people and getting to the core desires of your clients and customers.

Today, I’m going to let you see EXACTLY how I do this.
But, here’s the thing.

WARNING: If you use this training for manipulating money out of unwitting customers, in order to simply take from them and offer nothing in return…you will get bitten!

This is a selling system that allows the value driven, female entrepreneur the ability to connect with their prospects on a higher level of understanding and compassion.

It gives us the ability to open the door of solutions to them, while returning large profit margins back to us.

This system is designed for all players to win, on both sides!

That’s why, although I keep my strategies for my high level clients; I’ve decided to open this mastermind program for more of our female, passion driven business goddesses to profit from and expand!

It’s your time to shine but, testosterone based,
hustler sales mentality will simply cause you to burn out and that is NOT what this is at all.

This is about…

  • You
  • Creating Value for Your Market
  • Booking More Sales Calls and Closing More Clients
  • AND…generating a massive amount of value your clients and customers will be over the moon happy with, causing them to come back for more.

You already know you need to be making more sales, more often

in order to grow your business to the next level.

So let’s just dive right in and see what’s

inside this exclusive, 90 day mastermind group program.


Sales Mastery

A 90 day sales acceleration program with qualified mentorship, implementation-based training, customized support, robust accountability, and a community of ambitious entrepreneurs.


  • An orientation call to kickoff the program
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Voxer support (Bonus to first 5 to sign up only)
  • Monthly 30 minute 1:1 Coaching calls (Bonus to first 5 to sign up only)
  • The ability to sign up for Luxury Seat Coaching on weekly calls
  • You get to submit questions for a weekly FB Live if you are unable to attend a live call


Exclusive membership access to:

  • Training videos
  • Guided meditations
  • Downloadable workbooks


  • Private Sales Mastery Facebook group
  • Accountability & Implementation partners

BONUS - Customization + Implementation

  • Record your sales conversation with group feedback
  • First 5 people to join the mastermind receive exclusive Voxer access
  • First 5 people to join the mastermind  receive exclusive premium 1:1 coaching

First 5 Students to Sign Up receive exclusive Voxer Access and premium 1:1 coaching

Sales Mastery

Weekly Trainings

Prosperity Begins with Preparation

“There is an inner game of success and an outer game of success out of which holistic success is born.”

  • How to use preparation for your greatest successes
  • Understand the Inner Game of Preparation (the mindset required for a successful sales conversation)
  • The Outer Game of Preparation (the logistics, systems and tools required for a successful sales conversation)

The Sales Process

“A deep understanding of the sales process will give you and your clients a rich experience of doing business together”  

  • Revisit and clarify your target market
  • Understand the stages in the sales process
  • Know how to test your market and be clear on the desire for your products and services
  • Be confident and authentic and create a powerful know, like, and trust factor
  • Learn how to Handle a sales conversation and use active listening
  • You will also receive an intense, client checklist to help you better clarify your selling in real time!

Being the Confident Entrepreneur

“If you are not scaring the shit out of yourself often enough, you are not growing fast enough.”

  • Learn how to feel confident and be visible from a place of power
  • Claim your unique power as a woman entrepreneur
  • Understand the many fears behind selling and how to overcome them
  • Know the difference between pushiness and passiveness and discover confidence in your “sales sweet spot”

The Psychology of Sales

“To master your psychology in sales, is to not be attached to expectations. Your client will always feel it.”

  • Understand the psychology you bring from your own life’s experience to all circumstances and the impact it has on your current sales conversations
  • Understand the psychology of the prospects you are speaking with and how they subconsciously sabotage themselves that keeps them from investing what they truly desire
  • Receive the exact steps based on overcoming your own psychology and effectively understanding others to dramatically Improve your sales conversation and conversions

Filling Your Calendar with Your Ideal Clients

“You get in life what your ‘musts’ are, not your shoulds”

  •  Understand what’s important in continuing to build your business foundations as you build your business’s bottom line
  • Learn how to fill your calendar with prospective client calls through visualization, outer action and automation
  • Create your strategic client acquisition action plan to qualify your leads ahead of time and know you are connecting with real people who have a genuine interest in what you are offering
  • Develop your pre-screening protocol and setup your client tracking system so you have a flawless follow up system for converting more clients

The Sales Conversation

“Connecting with potential clients and learning more about them whether they ultimately invest in what you offer is one of the richest experiences for also learning more about yourself and who you serve.”

  • Establish your sales conversation call protocol, understand the true goal for those conversations and learn how to maintain your expert position.
  • Realize the importance of holding space for your prospective client and take a stand who you are speaking to and their future success  
  • Determine your preparation ritual for your sales conversation
  • Learn the 7 step framework to a successful sales conversation
  • Evaluate your sales conversations for continuous improvement

Overcoming Objections Part 1

“Supporting your potential clients to make investments that feel good from a place of honesty and integrity, whether that is with you or not, will build brand loyalty and always pay off in the end.”

  • Learn what an objection is and how to know when your potential client is using it as an excuse, a form of self-sabotage or when it is authentically not a fit for them to invest with you
  • Understand how to support your potential clients through their objections so they can make the best and most honest decision about their investments
  • Recognize the importance of leaning back and asking questions so you can be of highest and best service to your potential client
  • Know how to support your potential clients in overcoming the two most common objections: time and money

Overcoming Objections Part 2

“Become the master of being aware of and overcoming your own objections to investing in your future self and you change your point of attraction with your clients.”

  • Learn how to handle a prospect who says they need their partner’s approval
  • Learn tactics for handling self-sabotaging behavior and how you can support your prospect to overcome the self-betrayal
  • Understand other objections and the root cause that is underneath what your prospect is verbally saying to you
  • Become aware of any of your own objections as the entrepreneur and what to pay attention to in choosing to work with someone

Enrolling Clients

“People will not always remember the specific words you said to them or the specific things you did for them, but they will always remember how you made them feel”

  • Understand why you, as a business owner must have a motivation to help your potential clients get to a very clear yes or a very clear no.
  • Learn there is a reason for everything you are doing in your onboarding sequence and the importance of having a clear and repeatable process.
  • Realize how your values impact your clients’ experience of you and your business.
  • Define your enrollment process and the experience you want to provide for your clients because it is by far one of the most important priorities for your business.

Sales Logistics

  • Learn how to make sound, wise, long-term oriented decisions about what you do with the money you bring in from your sales so you can create fiscal responsibility and stability in your life and business
  • Discover the key component that will allow you to be one of the 50% of new businesses that succeed so that you’re on the right side of that statistic
  • Understand the importance of choosing the right business model for the fastest path to success 

The Fortune is in the Follow-up

  • Learn how to demonstrate consistent follow through to your community
  • Discover the process for business relationships and potential client follow ups
  • Understand the unique method to obtaining testimonials
  • Prioritize who to contact and your follow up system
  • Along with your core training, there will be action steps to take along the way, support that you so do deserve and supplemental material to help you integrate this information into a real, working, profitable process!

There are many nuances to sales you may not yet be familiar with and…

…you want it all, I know this. That’s why, within this complete, 100% Guaranteed, Proven Program…

“I’ve Left Nothing to Guess Work and You Will

Have the Sales Training You Deserve,

Allowing You to Make More Sales,

More Profit and Have a More

Enriching Experience in Your

Selling Process”

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The sales industry has been getting out of control, as of late.

Certainly you’ve seen the coaching and programs priced at $15,000, $20,000 and as high as $35,000right?

Well, how could an independent, professional entrepreneur like you get any sleep at night, knowing you’ve just dropped the equivalent of a down payment on a new house on sales training?

Sure, many of the programs out there are great. But, I’d rather live in the house, and make a home…instead of paying for another entrepreneur’s house!

That’s why, I’ve decided to keep the investment price of this program at a fraction of the typical advanced programs out there today.

You need this, you desire the results you will achieve from it and you know for certain what you “don’t know” will keep you from realizing the profits you deserve.


So let’s jump in.


Today, when you jump on board and join this mastermind program, you’re going to receive everything we discussed above…GUARANTEED!

Now, it’s up to you to take the actions, but remember…

…our community is there to support you along the way.

Luckily, you won’t have to pay the absurd prices you are seeing from the “sales hustler smoorus” out there!

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