How to move from Overwhelm to Clarity and Focus

What do you do when you are overwhelmed?  How do you get out?  This is such a common experience in this day and age.  Think about it.  You are bombarded in each moment with multiple things asking for your attention.  The access to you is at its greatest peak.  Texting, phone calls, emails, social media and those are just a part of it all.  After you get through those areas you still have a “to do” list calling your name and in many cases a family or significant other to spend time with.  How does your personal agenda and the success of your business have any time left in your life at the end of the day?  I am in the process of working with my amazing graphic artist Jane Ashley on my Brand NEW “Productivity Cards”, so that you can stay focused and make huge successful milestones in your life and your business all with the help of my new cards!  See the newest Vlog below for these million dollar ideas that I usually only share with clients.  Make sure to leave your comments in the blog and share your video with your friends and colleagues!