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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”24″]Money is an act of creation. Money allows you to make empowered decisions from the depths of desire— not despair. Money is just energy to serve your highest good. This is NOT what we are taught about money. Yet these are not theories, they are laws. There is something else I consider a law (it’s not official, official yet but someday soon ;;) A truly rich Woman has money in the bank. Because when a Woman has her own money in the bank, she makes very different decisions than she would otherwise.  (okay so that was two laws.) And the entire world is better for it. THAT is Feminine Fortune. And I am here, on this earth to teach you how to live your Feminine Fortune.

I want to ask you a question. (or 2) You have desires, right? You know you are worth every (and more, so much more) penny for what you do. So does your income (and bank account) reflect that? If the answer is no, you should keep reading. If the answer is yes, you should still keep reading (there is always more money to be made.) The Problem? Most people are not taught how to master their time to earn more money AND how to master their mindset to keep the money they earned. Now say that five times fast. Without these skills it’s hard to increase both what you earn and what you are able to keep in your bank account.

After coaching thousands of women from all over the globe—  I have met 3 types of female entrepreneurs.

  1. The Always Broke Entrepreneur — They haven’t mastered their time to make more money, let alone keep it.

You’re spinning out, you’re freaking out. You are secretly afraid you might have to go back to that job you hate or stay in that marriage that is destroying you. If you identify with the ABE then there is a good chance that you are spinning in information overload and you are feeling like you don’t know enough. You don’t know enough to go out and sell. You don’t know enough to get more clients and to live a healthier, happier and wealthier life. You are stuck consuming more info. Getting out of the ABE is about getting out of over thinking and into action. You should be spending 90% of your day on revenue driving activities. Together we can figure out exactly what that looks like for you.

  1. The Leaky Bucket Entrepreneur — They have mastered making money, but their money mindset is broken and what they earn leaks out quickly so their bank account still looks barren.

This is you if.. You can earn money but have trouble keeping it. You feel like you should be further along than you are. You can’t hustle past the next level. You must go deeper into mindset to become a leader, build a team and move through your business with strategy. Together we can find the hidden money in your business and use it to create the team you not only desire but the team you need to earn the money YOU are working too hard to make and keep it.

  1. The Masterful Entrepreneur — They manage their time to the T so they can generate the money they desire AND they have mastered their mindset— so what comes in actually stays in their bank account.

You’re completely confident in your life AND your bank account. You have mastered the Feminine art of money making. You’re empowered. You’re relationship with yourself is beautiful and unwavering You are RICH in all contexts of the word. Which entrepreneur are you? Better yet, which one would you like to be? I created this program because I know that being part of a high level group of women with accountability and the right mentorship… You truly can have it all and become a masterful entrepreneur.  I know that when all parts are working together, your passion, business and bottom line grow exponentially…..[/text_block]

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oncouch2I’ve walked that path – and I walk it every day. I continuously and consciously invest and learn from TOP globally known mentors – they have heart, depth, integrity and valuable knowledge—and are playing BIG and succeeding.

This support is the KEY in helping you move out of limiting beliefs or fears and expand your thinking, ideas, and beliefs about the truly amazing things you are capable of in your life and business.

Imagine the chance to finally start serving more clients, banking more money and mastering your mindset. Even the most revered and famous people all had to make some major shifts to break through to new levels. Those changes aren’t always embraced but they ARE necessary if you are serious about getting real results.[/text_block]

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