How regularly do you follow up with your potential clients? How much money are you leaving on the table by not having a strategy and investing time to refine your follow up strategy? Having a weekly protocol and regular time scheduled in your calendar for following up with your potential clients, current clients, and past clients will contribute to you having higher client conversion rates and people constantly in your pipeline. You will also develop a reputation for being professional and reliable, but you must have a clear method for tracking hot leads.

There is richness in all follow up. Every follow up is not going to result in a sale. Your overall intention is to connect or reconnect with new potential and past clients. Regardless of the outcome you have an opportunity to look for themes in client problems, gather the detailed languaging being used and get feedback. All client interaction is about being of service.

When following up with them you want to remind them of their conversation with you, why they are seeking your help, and remember, all connections are about how you make them feel. Try your best to come from a place of gratitude and love to avoid presenting a salesy vibe that could potentially turn them away from you.

One of the easiest ways to stay organized and prioritized is to use a chart to track your conversations with others. This will help you remember where each person is at in this moment in life, what they are looking for, and when they may be ready for the next move.

Even though you are trying to find and keep people contributing to your wealth, you will need to consider how these people will view you and your values. Show your potential, current, and past clients that you care, respect, and value them as individuals.

If someone stops doing business with you whether it’s a service or product, don’t take it personal. When it comes to following up with them, remember to be personable and not just throw a special/coupon in their face in hopes they will rekindle your business relationship again. Show them that you remember them and why you truly want to help them again.

As for your current clients and potential clients, you will want to show them your high level of integrity too. However, remember that your current clients will be the top of your priority when following up because they are the ones that have invested in you and the results you are helping them achieve. As for your potential clients, it’s recommended you give them a taste of what the relationship will look like: your behavior, your level of respect for them, and also show them the boundaries of your relationship.

People need continuous connection. As you continue to follow up with them, you will remain on their radar when it comes time to hire someone with your expertise they will think of you.

List out everyone that has expressed interest in working with you in the past. Next to their name write out what they need and why they wanted to work with you. Set times in your calendar for follow up. Use this follow up tool as your system and the action steps you will partake in consistently.