Are You A YES Woman?

When you say yes or no, is it really for you? Are you saying yes because you feel obligated to help? Are you saying no because you’re afraid you won’t do a good job? Saying no can feel pretty good when it comes to the school committees, fundraisers, or that friend who always seems to need something. As women, we often say yes to things that help other people out, but forget about saying yes to things that really inspire and excite us.

For the past 3 years I have been on a path of taking risks, doing what I fear most and saying yes to things that in the past I would have said no to. When I was presented with an opportunity for an apprenticeship with Gina DeVee, 7-figure Success Coach and creator of The Academy ~ Coaching Certification Program for Women, I boldly said YES. Why? Because this time, saying yes was for me. I was at a low point in my personal life and this miraculous opportunity rose up from the ashes. Here was an amazing chance for me get rid of old patterns and excuses and throw myself to the winds of possibility.

Because Gina has been such an inspiration to me for years in my own life and business, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a year under her wing, alongside five other women from across the globe. We worked on the program for months and I could feel myself growing as a woman, both personally and professionally. To my utmost astonishment an announcement made by Gina in mid Julynthat she and her husband were flying all of the apprentices to Paris for the marketing launch strategy so we could work in person had my eyes welled with tears and my heart filled with joy. This was a level of generosity I had never before seen or experienced.

Closing out the summer with 2 weeks in Paris where I was in the company of success-minded women who were raising each other up and sharing ideas and advice while contributing to an International Coaching Certification for women was a dream come true. My confidence grew, I learned key insights, and now I’m making more money than ever. I can proudly say that I am successfully and financially independent for the first time in my life and it feels great!

While in Paris, we worked on the marketing launch details for The Academy, developed compelling videos that share intimately about Gina’s journey and story. I had the privilege of witnessing her supportive husband, learning more about her success, and watching her share her story with the world. What’s unique about Gina is that she uses her story as a tool for growth and inspiration. Your story is not meant to simply be the past, but to empower you. Using your story as a platform to recognize your goals and aspirations will allow you to realize where your next step will be, and to plan for it.

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Each component of this program focuses on a specific area of our lives that is crucial to success and happiness. You’ll learn the power of mastering your wealth and business with modern business essentials to help you create a business to fit your vision, abilities, and financial desires. As you learn how to grow your business, you will also receive the tools you need to become a professional within your own niche and create a unique brand. The Academy digs a little deeper and helps you manage your own thoughts and emotions to become fully in control of your being allowing you to package these skill sets into precise feminine living principles. You enhance your style and beauty, showing you how to use your innate feminine power for a stronger, more glorious woman built to excel in her life and business.

I had the opportunity to contribute to this program, so I genuinely believe in its power to transform lives. Being my own yes-woman has led me to numerous opportunities I would have otherwise missed out on. So what’s it going to be for you? Are you going to say no because (insert excuse here)? Or are you going to become a yes-woman with me and open yourself up to endless possibilities?

To find out more about Gina and The Academy visit this link

P.S. Just yesterday, I was invited to be the Director of The Academy… and I said YES again!

Rebecca Matias, Intuitive Business & Success Coach