There is one thing more than anything that keeps you stuck, that holds you back from reaching your true potential. That one thing, is none other than: YOU!

Do you know that you are the only thing standing in your way? You are the only thing holding you back in life!

See that’s because part of you wants to stay the same, you’re comfortable that way. Part of you wants to grow, too, though. That’s where the resistance comes up.

There’s one major way to combat standing in your own way, and that’s taking a look at your beliefs.

Remember, once you think a thought long enough, it becomes a belief.

You can use affirmations to help change your beliefs. Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself over and over again until you believe that it’s true.

For example, instead of thinking negatively about yourself when it comes to money, you could create an affirmation like, “I see abundance all around me.” Abundance isn’t just about money. It’s about having the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

The problem for most people is they live under the idea that they “will believe it when they see it.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In order to see something happen, you have to believe it first. Belief is what brings it into your reality.

That’s why you have to look at the conditioned parts of yourself to really identify what exactly is holding you back.

Another tip is to shift your environment in whatever way you can. Look for things that nurture and inspire you and surround yourself with them.

For example, I keep fresh flowers in the three rooms I spend the most time in: my bedroom, office and kitchen.

You should also take a look at the people you surround yourself with. Who’s in your “Power Posse?”

I’ve always heard that when you look at the 5 people you spend the most time with you’ll be able to see how much health, wealth, prosperity and happiness (etc) you’ll have in your own life. Being around other people is influential to you and your life, whether you believe it or not.


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So if the 5 people you spend the most time with are couch potatoes who already gave up on their dreams long ago… well, there’s not much hope in there for you, is there?

That’s why it’s also important to take a look at who you spend most of your time with. Then find people who are living the dream you want to live and find ways to spend time with them! Whether that be through private coaching or joining one of their programs or even just reading a book they wrote.

Do whatever it takes to hold yourself to a high standard and surround yourself with inspiring people. Does this mean you have to drop all your couch potato friends? Not at all. You just have to spend more of your time around the inspiring people.

When you can do this, you’ll be on your way to using your million-dollar message to bring wealth to your life.

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