How To Discover What You’re Most Passionate About

Today’s Authentic Business Revolution telesummit call was with Gina Devee, an internationally known life and lifestyle expert, success coach, motivational speaker and radio talk show host. The following is a wrap up of some of the information Gina shared with us on the call. To hear all the amazing information and tips Gina shared, be sure to sign up for the summit (it’s free). Her recording will be available for 24 hours.

I had a whole list of burning questions for Gina, because I wanted to know exactly how to connect with my feminine power (and I’m sure you want to know too). One of the questions I asked her was:

How do you get in touch with your deep desire or passion?

“First you must have the mindset of a Queen,” Gina says. “You must really claim your place in the world. You must be shoulders back, chin up and available to receive the clarity of your desires.”

In order to find what you’re passionate about, you have to play big, show up, be visible and put yourself out there.

The fastest way to find your passions and desires is to ask yourself one question: How do I spend my weekends?

Another way to discover it is to just look at the things you’re interested in. Gina says if you want something it’s highly likely there are others who want the same thing.

Of course this may make you think: “how can I help people when my life is still such a mess?”

My clients actually ask me this a lot, and what I tell them is, every element of your life doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to be further along on your journey than the people you want to help are.

My next question was along these lines too. I asked Gina:

How do you stay in an energy of expansion when what you’re seeing around you is the opposite?

Gina says to focus on your Wealth Consciousness because without a soul purpose or mission, it will be hard to bring money in like you want to. It’s also important to invest in yourself.

Now that’s a challenge for most people. Most people will say, “When I have the money, then I’ll invest in XYZ program/book/etc.”

The problem with that mentality, unfortunately, is the money never shows up that way, because not making a decision means you’re not really invested in it. When you make a decision, the money will show up because you’re invested in making it happen.

“Sometimes you’ve gotta persevere,” Gina says.

She warns that you shouldn’t give up three feet from the goal line. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to see your vision through (which includes investing in yourself).

As Gina said on the call, “Don’t give up on your dreams just because the rest of the world hasn’t gotten the memo yet.”

You need to be an advocate for yourself and for your dreams, otherwise who else will be? You can’t expect other people to want more for your life than you do.

If those questions (and responses!) weren’t juicy enough, I also asked her a few more questions, including:

How do you raise your frequency enough to have money coming in?


What are some specific techniques you recommend for raising your frequency around money?

To learn the steps and techniques Gina offered up on the call, be sure to listen to the replay. It’s free for the next 24 hours, and then you can get an MP3 recording of it plus a whole lot more by upgrading to a Gold or Silver pass.