Self Awareness:
Knowledge is power, but self-knowledge is mega-power, which connects you to your purpose, and taps into that passion below the purpose.
Continuing to learn about yourself, your needs, your likes and dislikes will reconnect you with parts of yourself that you have disconnected with along the journey of life. When stressful or tragic things happen you tend to lose parts of your soul, your very being, but it also creates space for you to re-connect as well. In current times of disappointment and heartbreak, or feelings of failure you can allow space for those feelings and pieces of yourself will return to you.
As you grow you change, but so many people don’t ask the questions of self-exploration, which is the doorway to getting clear about your wants and needs and get clear within yourself so you can get clear with others.
Being honest, most importantly with yourself is your quickest path to authenticity, which is the cornerstone of every relationship, especially with clients!

Set Boundaries
What are the boundaries that govern your life? Do they serve you? Do they serve others? The boundaries you create in your own life are by far the most important boundaries you will ever set. Once you are clear in your own life and honor the boundaries around what you will do and when and also whom you will invest your time with or will not, you will have set a very firm foundation for how the world treats you. As you honor and hold firm in these healthy boundaries you will find that client drama or employee drama falls to the wayside.

Set goals and map it out to get there. Mapping out your personal and professional goals with a mentor or a colleague can triple the results you are looking for in this area. Someone who you trust and can give you an honest perspective. Maybe even someone who will stretch you more into your authentic self, more fully aligned with your unique purpose.

Finding the thin line of balance is the power. You already have this power inside of you. It is your duty to return to it. Even our physical bodies are constantly working toward homeostasis. I find this amazing considering the wide amount of abuse we expose ourselves to. Think about it, how well do you eat, drink, do you get enough water? Just think for a moment how we abuse ourselves by working too much. Especially on the Western hemisphere, we are overworked and under-vacationed.

Be a Risk Taker
Be willing to take risks! Yes truly, this is the key to living life large. Did you even know you were meant to live life large like this? Well you were, and the first thing you can do to step into this greater purpose is to take a risk. No amount of you staying small will ever help evolve yourself and more important in the greater part of humanity, the world. You say you want more, but what aligned actions are you willing to take. You can spend the rest of your life asking the Universe or who or whatever is the greater force in your life, for the bigger experiences in life, but nothing is going to happen until you take that leap first, then just watch out and see how much shows up to keep you flowing down the river into the life of your dreams. You are also modeling for your clients when you do this. How can you expect great clients to show up in your business, doing incredible things if you do not embody that first? Go on give it a shot I dare you!

Power = freedom
Feeling powerless is a victim, non-faith mentality that will continue to further disempower you. Be honest with yourself, where are you falling into the victim mindset? Be willing to realize that on some level you are creating your experience. Get the help you may need to change it if that is the case. Stepping into your power allows you a freedom like never before experienced. The more you step into your authentic empowered self the more you will align with all of you have ever dreamed up. After all you and your dreams are already one.

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