Here are my Top 5 Secrets for Eliminating Sabotage So You Can Soar in Your Life & Biz

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Mindset Success: Every day you must work on your mindset and affirm you are good enough and deserving of all of the success you already have and of the success you see others having. If someone else is up to something amazing, you’re seeing it simply to be INSPIRED! Do not succumb to the mind’s tricks of saying, “Oh, that’s for them and not me” or “Everyone else has these amazing things going on and I don’t. “I used to do that and had my own pity party that got me nowhere.” Make today your last day for that!

Eliminate the Glass Ceiling: The limit is truly ONLY in your mind. Whatever you believe becomes true for you. Right now, what are you believing that is literally creating your future? And what are your current circumstances and what thoughts in the past created your NOW moment? Working on your mindset constantly is a must. After all, we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day!

Be Where You Are and Honor That as You Plan and Prepare for the Future. It is important to honor where you are in accordance with any limited thinking you are choosing to blaze past. If you know that as soon as you are bringing in a certain amount of money you will do X, then go plan for that and TAKE ACTION! For example, before I hired many of the people in my life and biz that help me Get IT Done, I wrote down on a piece of paper what roles I would fill as my business and money success grew, and guess what!? All of those positions are filled with people I adore who are passionate about supporting me!

Accept The Support! In order to delegate, you have to be willing to surrender the tasks and accept that it may not be precisely how you would do it, but it frees up massive time for you to focus on what you are uniquely brilliant at. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want more time to do what they love most? The reason I was able to enjoy my vacation to the fullest is because I knew that everything was perfectly taken care of at home and in my business. This allowed me to sink into really being present and enjoying every juicy second with my children.

Be in Gratitude and Speak up About It! Yeah, yeah, yeah, the gratitude journal. We’ve all heard about it and probably have several gratitude journals lying around, but when was the last time you actually wrote a thank you note, a formal one to someone you appreciate? What holds you back from expressing your gratitude verbally to someone from the inner depths of your heart and soul? It is REALLY about feeling something that the manifestation of more comes from. Try it today and see what happens for you.

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