4 Steps To Get On The Fast Track To Helping More Clients

When it comes to you expanding in your business, gaining new clients is great but retaining and helping your existing clients is equally as vital. Sometimes you may be wondering how you can really help more clients. You may wonder what specifically you can do to get on the fast track to helping more clients. There are several things that can be done but let’s focus on the four most critical ways to help more clients:

1.     Narrow Your Niche – When you focus yourself on one niche area you get to know more about that niche. You can become known as an expert in that niche. This will assist you in rapidly expanding and allow you to reach and help more people.  A common misconception for most people is that if they narrow their niche they will not have enough clients and in fact the opposite is true.  In narrowing your niche, the best thing to do is get really clear about who you want as clients.  Write a narrative describing your ideal client, do research and learn everything you can about them.

2.     Don’t Be Afraid To Say No – When taking on new clients you need to have a firm grasp on what you’re looking for in clients. Not every potential client is going to be a good fit for you. So don’t be afraid to say no.  Make a list of at least 10 must have qualities for new clients and do not bend on them.  Remember if you accept a client that is not really the best fit, you could be blocking your perfect client from coming to work with you.

3.     Exude Positive Energy – When you exude positive energy it transcends over into your work. It comes from a place of authenticity and truly wanting to help your clients. When that happens you can trust that clients will continue to come to you and you will be deeply fulfilled in a thriving, abundant business. The most important thing is that clients are coming to you and you are helping them from your heart-centered space.  Then both you and your clients will be expanding and thriving!

4.     Refocus – In helping others you need to first help yourself by refocusing on what is most important to you. Your desire to help others and the satisfaction you get from it are your reward.  Everything you do in your business needs to have a purpose; otherwise you will waste time and procrastinate.  Create your “to do” list and next to each item write the purpose of the task. This will help you get and STAY focused and have more time for creativity and leisure.

Follow these four steps and you’ll be well on your way to helping your clients achieve their dreams and in the process you’ll be deeply fulfilled and increase your client base and your income!