Did you watch gymnastics at the Olympics? I guarantee you Simone Biles didn’t nail a back handspring on her first attempt. Watching her performance the past few weeks meant watching 11 years of meticulous training and practice coming to life. It takes dedication and consistent effort to become masterful at a skill like gymnastics. Coaching is also a skill. Although it arguably does not take the same amount of time and physical ability as Simone dedicated to her sport in order to get to Rio, commitment and practice are key elements to becoming a masterful coach.

Typically, it takes a big ticket investment with a high level coach (we’re talking as much as $40K) to really get a look behind the curtain at the skills it takes to become a master at coaching. What about the coach who is new to the field and wants to be the best coach she can be, but doesn’t quite have the cash on hand for that level of investment?

Luckily, I have your back! In my 6 years as a coach I’ve built up my business to a point where I could invest in high level support to hone my coaching skills – and I have! It’s my desire to let you in on what I’ve learned so you can be a better coach in the industry and get stellar results for your clients. Three steps you can take today to improve your coaching skills are:

Take Stock

Create an inventory of where are you today. This the first step to getting where you want to go. Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your pathway forward to advance your skills? Do you already have a particular coach, program, or experience in mind to hone your skills?
  • What are you currently doing with your clients? Are you educating your clients? Do you know when to ask an open ended question and when to ask the question beneath the question?
  • If you have a coach, what techniques is he/she using with you? And more importantly are they teaching you the techniques they are using?

Know when to Ask vs. Consult

Coaching, consulting, and mentorship is all about the delicate art of knowing when to ask a question, when to get permission to go deeper, and when it’s time to educate. It’s important not to overtalk. Clients get to bigger breakthroughs when they are able to navigate to their own answers through your skillful questioning.

Advance Yourself

Are you investing in your own personal and professional development? Do you have your own coach? If not, then take a look at that. Ask yourself, how do I expect others to invest in their development with me if I am not investing in my own development?

Got questions on any of this? I firmly believe it’s time for the Coaching Industry to step-up and start teaching Masterful Coaching to ALL students. I’m passionate about revealing what is often hidden behind (pricey) closed doors, so I’m hosting an exclusive LIVE workshop for 30 women. In this workshop you will learn:

  • WHY these techniques are used (and why they aren’t being taught on the other side of closed doors).
  • WHEN you need to use them for the highest transformation.
  • When NOT to use them (this is crucial
  • Watch as I deconstruct attendees current coaching methods LIVE.
  • LIVE Hot Seat Q+A

The price of admission is only $49. Click below to sign up.